Autumn reflection stimulates fresh creativity

The past season’s growth and the next

I’m busy raking leaves and thinking about the seasons.

Things die back, to allow new growth to follow. The Holy Spirit works like that in our lives. We want perpetual summer, but He shows us what to prune, what to sweep up, what to allow to die back, and what to prepare for in the next season.

It’s challenging, but the Sabbath rest principle applies across the board. Autumn and winter are great times for consolidation and reflection – and finding God’s new leading in fresh directions.

Fresh expressions needed

WoodburnerOne of my interests is finding new and more approachable ways of being church – sometimes called ‘fresh expressions’. As traditional services, held at this time in draughty and sometimes unheatable buildings, wane in popularity, there is a kind of autumn into winter situation. However, it forces us to think creatively about how the Father longs to bring people into a love relationship with Him. How might that way the Holy Spirit draws and gathers people, look different? Be less of a barrier? More approachable and more friendly to all the different ages and experiences of faith?

It’s a really good subject to talk and pray about in front of the log burner!

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