Hi, thank you for visiting my site. This is a personal webspace where I set out the kind of philosophy I bring to Christian ministry. For me, it is an ongoing discussion where God is showing me new things and shaping me and growing me continually – so this is at best a snapshot of this point in time.

I’m Ian Greig, a pastor and coach, and one of the main things I like is growing a relationship with people through which I can encourage them to grow as disciples of Jesus and to use their gifts and attributes for Him.

Since the Reformation, the main way we have done this in churches is by preaching and teaching from the Bible. I have been well trained in this as a Baptist minister from Spurgeons College. However it’s rather impersonal. One person does the talking and everyone else listens. It’s not even a great way to communicate God’s word so that it is lifegiving – more is needed., The New Testament places a lot of emphasis on relationships. So I like to find ways to spend time in one-to-ones and smaller gatherings where I can get to know people and let conversation come. I talk about this relational approach some more here.

I have pastored four churches and had leadership responsibilities in a couple more. During all of that time I have had friendships with church leaders of other streams and have learned from them. One size or flavour does not suit all and breadth and variety comes from understanding the different traditions – we are one church expressed in many varied congregations.

Every revival in history has been preceded by ordinary people humbling themselves and praying for more of the presence of God. Every little bit of ‘revival’ comes from prayer, another of my emphases that is discussed here.

Paul, writing to the church in Ephesus, talks about using particular gifts to “equip the saints for works of service”. Working with people in this way and seeing the church as a team is a particular emphasis I talk about further on other pages.